[FF] The Choice


Cho Kyuhyun | Choi Sooyoung

Genre : AU; Drama | Rating : PG

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[FF] Complicated

Title                 : Complicated

Author             : MiiChan a.k.a Meilinda Kurniasari

Cast(s)             :

–          Lee Haeri (Fictional Character)

–          Super Junior Donghae as Lee Donghae

–          Super Junior Siwon as Choi Siwon

–          Kim Hyejin (Fictional Character)

–          And Other

Genre              : Alternative Universe, School life, Friendship, Family

Rating             : PG 13 (?)

Length             : Oneshoot

Disclaimer       : I do not own the cast(s), I just own the plot and the story. PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ^^
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